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About Us


I opened my first store when I was 18, and at the time all I knew was that this was what I wanted to do; have my own little shop. To have a space for me to experiment, rearrange, and build. I’ve always been a creative hands-on person, endlessly inspired by everything: people, places, movies, objects, colors. That first store was primarily shoes but over time it evolved and I slowly expanded into clothing and accessories. As I grew up so did Avenue. We now specialize in bringing together a mix of specialty clothing and accessories from independent designers, handpicked vintage, home goods, antique and custom furnishings, as well as many of my own handmade pieces. I’ve also begun to offer interior styling and consulting services. Avenue and I will continue to grow, but my goal remains the same; to offer simple, unique, quality goods that I not only feel passionate about myself, but that also help others express their personal style. 

Come by and visit the shop, or shoot me an email, I’d love to hear from you!

 Alexis Mosij [Owner] 

Check out photos of the store here!